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Thank you to everyone who came along to our first Bikes + BBQ Event! From what we've heard it sounds like you guys enjoyed it just as much as we did and it's got us excited to arrange another. 

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Free BBQ food for all who attend, so you can sit down and watch some amazing downhill racing live alongside fellow MTB enthusiasts.

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We are delighted to say we are now a Nukeproof bikes dealer. This has been a real challenge arranging the deal as lack of stock has caused and still is causing major issues in the supply chain of bikes and components, but we currently have got our hands on the following frames:

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Top level riders need top level kit and it's taken us a while, but we've finally found kit that meets our standards!

We are delighted to be running Fasthouse's range of cycling specific clothing, we also bought the machines and presses so that we can print and customise our own clothing in house. This means we can quickly mock up ideas and make kit for our riders super quick.

As you can see James Campbell-Wynter is loving his new gear.

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As I was riding down the first stage I instantly felt better about the horrendous climb I had just endured. The trail just kept twisting, turning and flowing down the mountain. Although wet there seemed to be plenty of grip and I felt really comfortable with the way I was riding.

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