We Are Now A Nukeproof Bikes Dealer

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We Are Now A Nukeproof Bikes Dealer

We are delighted to say we are now a Nukeproof bikes dealer. This has been a real challenge arranging the deal as lack of stock has caused and still is causing major issues in the supply chain of bikes and components, but we currently have got our hands on the following frames:

1x Nukeproof Giga 290 Carbon Green Size Large

1x Nukeproof Giga 290 Carbon Blue Size Medium

1x Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon Yellow Size X-Large (Sold)

For the most up to date stock levels check the Nukeproof section of our website.

With these frames we are happy to sell you just the frame, do a complete custom build from scratch or swap parts over from your old bike.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss things further

01202 606180 or info@wheeliebikeshop.com

Heres a picture of a Nukeproof MegaWatt we Invisframed last week, we hope to have some complete bikes like this one in April/May 2022.

Nukeproof MegaWatt Factory Dealer UK Wheelie Bike Shop Mega Giga Carbon Dorset Poole

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