Are white tyres a good idea?🤔

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Are white tyres a good idea?🤔


After seeing pictures of the new Onza Porcupine tyres in white we simply had to have them! No other manufacturer that we're aware of makes anything remotely like it so we thought it'd be worth a try and would be great to offer our customers something a little unusual.

We got them setup and headed out to Puddletown forest to grab some pics and to see if they rode as good as they look.

After posting some pictures online we were bombarded with a mixture of comments some people thought they were the greatest thing they'd ever seen and some just plastered us with these "🤢🤮". 

We understand they may not be everyones cup of tea buy if you like the white then be assured they ride as good as they look!

Like any other tyre they do get muddy, but as long as you clean them they return back to their glorious white colour.

Our first batch of tyres sold out quickly so, be sure to place your pre orders before it's too late🤟🏼

Onza Porcupine Tyres available here

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