Xiaomi M365

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For the last two years, this has been the worlds top selling scooter. Swift, accessible, attractive and great value.  With a top speed of 15mph, you'll cover 2 miles in just 8 minutes – 20 minutes faster than walking. Air-filled tyres mean the Xiaomi M365 makes most surfaces feel silky smooth. The speed and acceleration controls are so simple, anyone can learn to ride in minutes – plus, it’s a great electric scooter to look at. The light, aluminium construction means you can quickly fold it down for carrying and storage.  

2-year UK Xiaomi warranty

All of our Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro e-scooters are UK stock and come with a 2-year UK warranty (unlike many imports that have to be returned to Europe or China for warranty issues). Please note, this warranty does NOT cover use in the rain.