VHS V2.0 Slapper Tape

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Velocity sucking solutions VHS SLAPPER TAPE 2.0 UK Wheelie Bike Shop

VHS 2.0 now will now comfortably fit any and all chain stays** 

The Differences 

  • New 70mm wide base that will now wrap around your chainstay for added protection and sound damping
  • Malleable silicone rubber that will easily mould to the shape of your frame.
  • UV resistant
  • Quieter, the new update to our design have now made our air bubbles softer without compromise to durability 

Length - 350mm
Width  - 70mm
Height - 10mm

Already loved by some of the worlds fastest racers, VHS is the ultimate in sound dampening for your bike.

Make sure that you follow the instructions provided on the box or at the bottom of the PREVIOUS PAGE on this website to ensure a long-lasting fit. 
Our instruction video is full of tips and tricks on how to best install your product, but if you don't feel confident make sure to take it down to your local bike shop for a helping hand.  

**Check chain clearance on your frame.