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Muc-Off Silky Suspension Serum

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Muc-Off Silky Suspension Serum

Designed to get that suspension running smoother than butter is our new Silky Suspension Serum. This suspension specific, silicone infused wonder formula reduces the stiction between wiper seals and stanchions, keeping everything lubricated to help with small bump sensitivity and trail buzz. It even helps to repel muc (k) and grime, keeping surfaces cleaner and reducing the risk of contaminants getting into the wiper seals and ruining both your fork oil, and your ride!

The anodised coatings on suspension stanchions can be porous. This means there are lots of tiny crevices that dirt and grime can build up in, eventually creating a grinding, high wearing paste if not maintained properly. The upper tubes can’t be changed independently either as they’re pressed and bonded to the crown of the fork. The silicone infused formula can help fill these tiny crevices creating a friction reducing coating that protects the stanchion and helps repel contaminants.

We've specifically produced this for the race enthusiast who wishes to get the best out of their suspension performance. It's simple & direct application ensures a targeted application. Formulated using high levels of premium silicon oil to create a ultra low friction reducing surface, t his formula has a higher % silicone content over our standard silicone shine spray for maximum performance. Silky Suspension Serum is the first launch of the new Technical Series range, a series of high end performance lines to support riders demanding & requiring elite performance & results.



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