MTB Premium Service

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  • Gears indexed so they shift smoothly
  • Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Drivetrain degreased
  • Full bike cleaned
  • Chain lubricated with weather specific lubricant
  • Headset tightened
  • Wheel bearings adjusted if necessary
  • Tighten up any loose parts
  • Full safety check and ensure bike is safe to ride
  • Cranks removed and bottom bracket cleaned and re-greased or replaced if necessary (additional parts cost)
  • Fork removed and headset cleaned and re-greased or replaced if necessary (additional parts cost)
  • Front and rear wheels trued


  • Bleed both brakes with new fluid
  • Gear Cable inner & outer replaced
  • Dropper post bled or cable inner & outer replaced
  • All components stripped from the bike and given a thorough clean and polish


If other procedures are needed you can add them on as extras, or choose a service package that includes the procedure.

Sometimes during a service extra parts are needed due to components being worn, rusty or broken (e.g. brake pads). In order to keep the flow in our workshop, any necessary parts up to £40 will be fitted without asking. Anything more than £40 and we will be in touch to ask before fitting anything extra. Please let us know if you would like us to communicate with you differently.