Deity Speedway Carbon Handlebar 35mm Bore, 30mm Rise

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Deity speedway carbon bars 35mm 30mm rise Dorset poole wheelie bike shop

What is speed? In a physical sense, speed is the distance travelled per unit of time. But to most of us, speed is a feeling – an exhilarating, edge of your seat rush. And For many of us its an obsession; a deep, emotionally charged craving that makes your hands sweat and your heart race, leaving you hungry for more.

The all new SPEEDWAY carbon DH handlebar was inspired by and dedicated to the art of speed. Built for the most demanding, brutal conditions with only one goal in mind… insane, mind numbing speed.

Not only do all DEITY handlebars beat every other bar on the market in strength tests, they are carefully refined to allow the rider to push the limits while maintaining complete control. At 810mm wide with a 30mm ride, this 35mm bore handlebar is impressively responsive and comfortable at the same time. Allowing you to dance on the edge of catastrophe, ever increasing your need for speed.

  • Material: Unidirectional Carbon
  • Width: 810mm
  • Bore/Clamp Diam.: 35mm
  • Rise: 30mm
  • Weight: 245g
  • Sweep: 9 Degree Back / 5 Degree Up