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Bosch E-Bike Warranty Questions

Bosch E-Bike Warranty Questions

If you have any questions about your Bosch E-bike then get in touch with our team of expert mechanics or book your bike into our E-Bike workshop.


How long is the warranty on Bosch E-Bikes?

In the UK the warranty lasts 2 years from the date of purchase and includes all Bosch components (motor, battery, screen, etc)


Is there warranty on second hand Bosch E-Bikes?

No, warranty is only applicable for the original first owner of the bike.


My bike has Life Time warranty does this apply to the Bosch motor?

The warranty period on your frame may be a lot longer then the warranty period on your Bosch ebike components. For example Santa Cruz offer life time warranty on their frames, this means that 5 years after purchase if your frame cracks, they will replace it. No matter the warranty length on your frame, your warranty will only ever be 2 years on a Bosch ebike system.


If a part gets replaced under warranty, do I get another 2 years warranty?

Unfortunately the warranty is for 2 years from the date of purchase and is not extended if parts are replaced under warranty.  For example you get a replacement motor after 18 months of ownership, 1 year later motor fails again. Unfortunately you will be out of the warranty period and will have to pay for a new motor, though Bosch may offer you a discounted price.


Can a Bosch motor be repaired?

Bosch themselves do not condone repairs and motors are not designed to be taken apart. However there are companies that specialise in repairing Bosch motors, this will obviously void your warranty.


What happens if I derestrict my Bosch E-Bike?

Your warranty will definitely be voided! Some of the latest Smart system bikes will instantly react to any form of derestricting device and will lock the bike rendering it useless.  Although the additional speed is great, also factor in the additional wear and tear on the motor and drivetrain. 


My bike has stopped working what do I do?

If you purchased your bike from your local bike shop then your best bet is to take it back to them. If you bought your bike online then contact the company and see what they say, they may refer you to local bike shop.  If you bought your bike second hand then just take it to your local bike shop and they should be able to assist you.  It might be as simple as a lose cable or something more serious like a faulty motor, which is why the diagnostic software offered by a bike shop is very helpful in diagnosing problems.


Can I use an aftermarket battery?

Only Bosch CE approved batteries can be used, if anything else is used your warranty will be voided and poses a potential fire risk.


Can I transfer warranty on Bosch E-Bikes?

No, warranty is only applicable for the original first owner of the bike.


Can I swap my Bosch motor for a Shimano one?

No, Unfortunately the different brands of motors have different bolt patterns so it wouldn't be possible to bolt the different brand of motor into your bike. Plus the battery, cables and controller aren't cross compatible.

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