DVO Diamond

Wheel Size
  • The latest gem from DVO packs all the performance of a DH fork into a 140-160mm trail fork. With 35mm stanchions, an industry first compression bladder cartridge, dynamic tunability and our off the top (OTT) adjustable negative spring make this the ultimate trail and enduro race fork.

    Experience the Diamond and forever elevate your expectations of what a trail bike is capable of.


    Quick Range Low Speed Compression

    With a quick turn of the knob, the Low Speed circuit is restricted providing an improved platform for climbing.


    High Speed Compression Adjust

    Loader style compression provides easy access to the piston and shims for serious tuning.


    OTT - Off the Top

    This exclusive and proven DVO design trickles down from the Emerald to deliver precise air sprung turning with the simple turn of a knob. Let's you tune sag and ride high as well and mid to end stroke for improved traction and comfort.


    Closed Cartridge Bladder System

    Just like the bladder system found in the Jade rear shock the Diamond features a bladder system whereby the bladder is compressed rather than expanded offering incredible small bump sensitivity.


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