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Okeford Hill Bikepark Winter Series 2 2017

On arrival It was clearly going to be the ultimate slopfest. As the riders precariously walked down the trail it all became very real. "I can't walk how am I gonna ride it?"

As the practice runs were completed my tally of crashes grew rapidly. I couldn't manage a clean run no matter what.

Race runs soon come round, I was nervous as ever and hungry for a win but I just did not feel the usual buzz...

Well Race Run 1 was a disaster on the top section of track which feature some table jumps the wind caught me in the air and made me land awkwardly resulting in a crash. I got up and went to carry on but my mudguard had broken and jamming my front wheel, I made it to the fireroad and decided it would be best to stop.

I picked up some hot food from the cafe and sat down and tried to make sense of what just happened and how i could pull it back.

Run 2, I was calm and composed, I just had to keep it clean. All went well apart from a tight rooty switchback which caused me to put my foot out and slow down. I trundled on, hoping, skipping and sprinting to the finish.

I walked towards the tent just hoping I would see that coveted "1" next to my name. Oh well it was a 2 and in fact i couldn't have been happier for the guy who won, he was overjoyed!

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