• Michael

Amazing Antur Stiniog

After long hours spent driving and a night in a lay-by I was ready to ride. The guys at reception were really nice and gave me some useful tips about what trails to hit and where to go etc. I loaded my bike on the trailer, hopped in the minibus and off we headed up the mountains. The uplift was on a main road and then went onto a private tarmac track up the side of the mountain. The uplift was smooth and there were never any queues.

Once I got to the top I followed some other riders to where the blue runs started. They were a great start and although they are blue they had large rocks and were really bumpy. The red runs were also good but I wanted something more, something to challenge me so I decided I would do the black. Man I loved it! It pushed me and progressed my riding but was also so much fun. After a couple laps of the black and while I still had a bit of energy I thought I'd better try the double black. Its definitely a step up from the black but in terms of feature size more than technicality. The drops were big and landed straight into sharp rocks below. So I got off and pushed on the big stuff, but had I been on a full on DH rig it would have been a different story. For the remainder of the day I did laps on the Black but by the end when I became tired I started losing my lines and then the punctures started! Despite using Schwalbe DH tubes they just kept going pop. In the end I end I put a fair few dings in my rim and it was the opposite of true, but I had a great day!

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